Pandemic Silver Lining: SmartSet Launches as New Retail & Event Staffing Company Within the TalentLaunch Network

SmartSet, formerly of Stivers, has spun off into an independent staffing agency within the TalentLaunch Network.

The move allows them to effectively keep up with the growing demand for various retail staffing jobs nationwide (e.g. merchandisers, stockers, mystery shoppers, store resets, and more) — while expanding their staffing capabilities into new areas like event support and other high-volume, on-demand jobs.

Kristina Hayden, who maintains a long history of leading successful staffing operations and forming strong relationships throughout the country, has been named SmartSet’s President.

“Operating independently within the TalentLaunch Network will allow SmartSet to focus on providing clients with high-volume staffing of flexible and reliable workers — often quicker than their own internal recruiting team,” Kristina said.

“In an industry known for constant change, we want to be recognized as leaders in staffing who provide a frictionless experience, allowing companies to scale up and down their hiring needs easily.”

SmartSet began as a retail merchandising practice area within Stivers, one of the oldest staffing firms in the nation. When the global pandemic skyrocketed the demand for merchandising professionals, SmartSet was at the forefront helping place qualified merchandisers and sanitizers in essential positions across the country.

“SmartSet was literally born out of a crisis, and they are thriving. It’s essential that we provide a space where they can operate independently as experts in the industry,” TalentLaunch President Deb Thorpe said.

The TalentLaunch Network allows SmartSet to scale recruiting efforts at a national level while guaranteeing personalized expert service that only a local partner could provide. Backed by cutting edge technology and a combination of more than 45 years of leadership experience, SmartSet is already setting the stage for success with their new brand.

About SmartSet Staffing Solutions

SmartSet is a nationwide event and retail staffing agency that allows companies to scale their hiring needs with ease. Beginning as a retail merchandising practice area within Stivers, one of the oldest staffing firms in the nation, SmartSet has a strong foundation of best-in-class processes, tools, and experience that delivers high quality and reliable workers. Learn more at

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